Client Testimonials

Grant Sawiak

The body of rules and law surrounding voting at a shareholders’ meeting has become so complex that it can best be described as arcane. Most lawyers do not fully understand these rules and for the minority who do understand the rules, the actual mechanics behind the rules (such as whether a vote has been double counted), remain elusive. This being the case, in any contested matter, whether it be a shareholder vote on a proxy contest or on a corporate procedure such as a contested plan of arrangement, it is essential that a competent and experienced proxy solicitation/strategic advisory firm like Shorecrest be engaged.

I recently led a successful proxy contest to replace the existing board of a public company. From the commencement of my public announcement to replace the incumbent board with an alternate slate, the situation became heated and volatile. At that point I realized it was necessary to retain a strategic advisory firm since I was not using a dissident circular but relying on exemptions which limited what I was able to do in order to garner proxies. 

I had never retained Shorecrest before but they were always proactive, starting with reaching out to me as soon as my announcement was made public. For the next four months I came to rely upon their advice on strategy and found their team to be practical; attentive to detail, accuracy and timeliness: and driven to help me succeed. The fact that I won the proxy contest was attributable to the quality, competence and dedication of my legal advisors and Shorecrest and the seamless and professional manner in which they worked to achieve the goals I had set out.

Jeff Finkelstein

In the spring of 2016, Argentex hired Shorecrest to provide proxy advisory services for its Special AGM for it’s business combination with Austral Gold.

Shorecrest employees provided us with outstanding service. They were not only extremely knowledgable of the proxy process, but proactive as well.

I would certainly recommend Shorecrest to anyone requiring proxy advisory services.

David Lotan

I was most impressed by the quality of advice we received. Shorecrest Group made the process transparent and recommended a course of action that was highly cost-effective. I will use them again.

Stuart B. Morrow

I had the pleasure of working with Shorecrest Group in the successful defence of an activist shareholder campaign in 2016.  Their in-depth knowledge of the proxy voting system along with their advance predictive vote analysis gave our team confidence that we would have a successful outcome.

Pace Goldman

As independent board members, we found ourselves in unfamiliar territory after our company’s management team launched an unwarranted fight against the independent directors. Shorecrest worked diligently alongside the independent directors to help us reach our shareholders and secure the necessary votes to prevail and enhance shareholder value. Thank you Shorecrest!

Lili Mance

Suzanne is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional that has provided me with exceptional service for over 15 years. I am pleased that she has founded Shorecrest Group, a firm that continues to provide exceptional service under Suzanne’s leadership.

David J. Copeland

Having worked with Shorecrest Group who helped us achieve successful results on a past file, I had the utmost of confidence knowing that the team was capable of ensuring that the transaction with Taseko would run smoothly. The Shorecrest team easily integrated themselves into the corporate transaction process delivering reliable advice, always accessible service and importantly for us, successful results.

Williams S. Rice (No Relation)

Dear Ms. Rice, On behalf of the Canadian Securities Administrators, I am writing this letter to thank you for the assistance that you and your firm, the Shorecrest Group, have provided to us in connection with our review of the proxy voting infrastructure. Your expertise in proxy voting processes was invaluable to our review of uncontested shareholder meetings. The CSA staff who worked with you have had only positive things to say about the experience. Your contribution to improving the integrity of proxy voting in Canada is greatly appreciated.

Kevin L. Klippenstein

When we needed a proxy solicitor to assist with getting the approval of our plan of arrangement, Shorecrest was our first choice. We have previously worked with the founders of Shorecrest Group and they have been an invaluable resource to us with obtaining the approval for the plan of arrangement regarding Weyburn Inland Terminal. Shorecrest acted as the proxy solicitation agent for the meeting as well as Depositary for the arrangement. We are very happy with the responsiveness and diligent effort demonstrated by all Shorecrest employees. We received numerous compliments from shareholders acknowledging how helpful Shorecrest had been to them in completing their voting and letter of transmittals for the offer.  I would not hesitate to recommend Shorecrest to any issuer looking for assistance in communicating to their shareholders whether it is voting at a meeting or tendering their shares to an offer.

Stephen Pincus

The co-founders are very capable, proficient, focused, energetic and knowledgeable and they work in an area with lots of complexity. We have worked with them on a number of proxy fights.” (Stephen Pincus, Partner at Goodmans LLP as quoted by Critchley, Financial Post, December 18 2013, p. 2)