Client Testimonials

Tom Schwartz

Shorecrest in a very efficient and professional manner, assisted CAPREIT in soliciting the necessary proxies to win a crucial vote at this year’s Annual Meeting. I am a very satisfied client.

John Varghese

As an active investor, we believe that our investments can be successful by igniting necessary changes in boards and management teams when needed. When engaging with an issuer to bring about change, it is essential to have the right advisors working with you. Shorecrest’s knowledge and expertise in a contested situation proved invaluable in achieving a successful outcome in a recent opportunity. I would recommend Shorecrest to any investor group going through a similar situation.

Julien Balkany

Shorecrest worked closely with us on our campaign to enhance the share value of one of our Canadian investments. We would highly recommend their services to anyone that requires in-depth insight into the ownership of an investment.