Proxy Solicitation and Strategic Defense

Whether preparing for an annual meeting to maximize director support, approve special resolutions or strategic defense for a contested meeting, Shorecrest’s experienced team will provide the insight and guidance for a strategic communication plan for a successful outcome.

Each situation is unique. We utilize a diligent identification and analysis of the shareholder base, historical voting, voting policies, and other factors, to develop a tailored strategy that will maximize vote participation and shareholder support.

Shorecrest has worked on some of the most complicated meetings for companies in Canada, as well as having acted as the technical advisor for the Canadian Securities Association (CSA). With the team’s vast experience, we have often been called upon to act as expert witness in numerous successful court challenges and have been recognized as experts by the courts.

Shorecrest’s team involvement in shareholder meetings, both contested and uncontested over the last couple decades gives us the depth of knowledge and experience to give you the insight needed to develop a strategic path to success.