Suzanne Makhan

Co-founder & Managing Director

T 647-931-7398    M 647-993-8407

If there was one word to describe Suzanne, it would be “adaptable”. A perfect balance between big-picture thinking and in-the-weeds attention to detail, she approaches every case with a highly customized and thought-out plan. She’s known for being an expert in the technical aspect of processing payouts in complex M&A transactions, as well as her in-depth and sought-after understanding of disbursement services. Her professional and highly personable approach to shareholder engagement always results in strong working relationships with her clients.

20 years of experience have thrown many different situations at Suzanne, especially when it comes to dealing with major corporate reorganization transactions (including take-over bids, plan of arrangements, escrows and Dutch-auctions) — the most notable being her lead work on the merger between Rio Tinto and Alcan. Her acumen is an invaluable addition to any takeover bid, whether unsolicited or friendly, in addition to plan of arrangements and a range of other corporate reorganizations. Prior to co-founding Shorecrest Group, Suzanne was instrumental in launching several successful corporate reorganization divisions for companies in the transfer agent and proxy solicitation business.